How to use NJoy's Platinum Purifying Hair & Scalp Detox

How do you use NJoy's Platinum Purifying Hair & Scalp Detox?

It's so easy.  Let me begin by saying what NJoy's Platinum Purifying Hair & Scalp Detox is not. 

It is NOT a deep conditioner. 

The consistency is not thick as in a jar deep conditioner. It is pourable and a bit thicker than a cowash or commercial rinse out conditioner, such as Tresemmee Naturals or V05 Tea Therapy (which are a a couple of my fave store-bought cowash conditioners). 

It has conditioning properties that treats the hair with ingredients such as MSM, brassica campestris/aleurites fordi oil (a conditioning agent made from cruciferous vegetable oil), vitamin B, green tea and rooibos, but it's primary function is to detoxify the hair and scalp

It is NOT a detangler.

Although it will help make detangling easier once the hair has been thoroughly detoxified, it is not recommended that you comb through or use it as a detangler. Finger detangling is fine, if necessary.

It IS an extremely effective Detoxifier.

The primary active ingredient is Activated Charcoal, which is a natural detoxifier and has powerful absorptive capabilities. It absorbs dirt, oil, shed cells and product buildup and rinses away easily.

How to use.

To apply NJoy's Platinum Purifying Hair & Scalp Detox, apply to wet hair by scrunching it in to completely coat the hair and scalp. A light massage of the scalp helps to ensure complete coverage.  Leave on for 4-5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

After rinsing, the hair will appear vibrant, feel softer and your natural curls will be more pronounced because all build up has been removed. 

Moisturize and seal your hair as normal or follow with a deep conditioning treatment, as your hair is uncoated and is in the perfect state to receive optimal moisturizing and conditioning benefits.

In between uses, continue to cowash with your favorite rinse out conditioners.

Use periodically to thoroughly cleanse your hair with no messy clean up. Every 1-2 weeks is suggested but, use as needed as a healthy part of your growth regimen.