Because we're serious about helping you get the results you want with your hair growth,

we're gifting you with a FREE HAIR JOURNAL, a necessity in your healthy hair growth journey.


It's convenient, easy-to-use, and designed to help you build a simple regimen that works for your hair. 

AND, stay consistent to get the results that you want.

Listen, a plan and consistency are the guaranteed keys to growing the best hair of your life.

And we're providing you everything you need to make it happen.


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The My Hair Journal mobile app is the ultimate companion for women who want to grow longer, stronger, healthier hair.

  • Build a healthy hair growth regimen with customizable routines and goals.
  • Track your activities and progress in an easy-to-use format.
  • Upload photos of your hair goals and length checks,
  • create a styles gallery of your favorite hairstyles,
  • set custom water intake goals,
  • schedule activities and reminders to stay on track,
  • create a shopping list as your stash gets low,
  • rate products and view shared reviews,
  • Share your progress photos online, and
  • find current sales on your favorite products
  • and more. All from the convenience of your phone!

And, for flexibility, your data is readily available on all of your devices, syncing automatically with your account. Set your journal to private or choose public access to inspire others. It’s up to you.

Sounds good, right? But wait. There’s so much more.

You’ll also find broadcasts of the 90-day Super Hair Growth Challenge to get you growing, Challenger Spotlights to show off your progress, How-to tutorials for styles and hair care, easy DIY recipes, contests and giveaways, free downloadable content, and more - FREE!  Join the fun and... Let's grow some hair!