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Did you know that using the wrong products to clean your hair can damage your hair, cause breakage and hair loss?


Healthy hair experts and scientists agree that the chemical lathering agent, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), found in most shampoos, strips the hair and skin of moisture and natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle and susceptible to breakage. Hair follicle damage, and associated hair loss, has also been linked to the drying and skin irritating effects of this volatile chemical.


So, what’s the alternative? Sulfate-free shampoo? Conditioner washing (co-washing)? 


Great alternatives but there’s one problem. Neither of these removes product buildup. Without the periodic complete removal of product buildup, the hair is left dull, flat, difficult to style and DRY!

Product build up prevents moisture, oils and other nutrients from penetrating. If you repeatedly have “bad wash days” that leave your hair dry, even after deep conditioning, you might be suffering from product buildup.


Now, there’s a better way to cleanse your hair for growth.


Get prepared to experience a new and amazing hair and scalp detoxifier with the added benefit of the naturally purifying activated charcoal. Why activated charcoal? Because activated charcoal gently and completely removes product all build-up, dirt, dead cells, and perspiration from the hair and scalp, while deeply conditioning and moisturizing hair strands.


No harsh chemicals. No messy mixing.

Discover the NJoy Advantage. 

A better way to healthier, more manageable hair.   




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