• "I had to come in and TESTIFY! I used my product one time...yes I did say once and the results were amazing. I used it as an pre poo for 1hr and washed and set. The curls were beautiful and thick. I'm currently on day 5 hair and my ponytail has thickened in diameter. This stuff is the TRUTH. I'm so glad that I ordered 2 bottles.  @NJoy Thank you lady!"  (princesslocks) 3/19 lhcf
  • "I'm not officially in the challenge, but I did purchase the oil. I've been applying it to two small areas that look to be psoriasis...the oil is EATING THEM UP! They're both almost gone. I'm so happy because these are the only remnants left of my once dry scalp." (LivingDoll) 3/22 lhcf
  • "Quick update: I dyed my hair right before I started the challenge about two and a half weeks ago. I have nearly three quarters of an inch of growth so far as indicated by my lovely grey roots." (CoffeeBrown) 4/27 lhcf
  • "I have to say that I love this oil so much. It makes the roots of my hair so soft & moisturized. It sinks into my scalp & doesnt leave build up." (ManeStreet) 4/24 lhcf
  • "This oil is the & I'm mad that I didn't make her make some sooner. My beehive will not be 2 weeks old for another 2 days yet I have .5" (a lil more than .5 in some spots) of new( growth. I thought I was crazy & I got out the tape measure & was like whoa." (nakialovesshoes) 4/17 lhcf
  • "I wanted to keep my beehive for 6 weeks but this growth is crazy." (Ojemba) 4/17 lhcf
  •  "My new growth is on swole! Lol, it's like super charged new growth." (Chrismiss) 4/15 lhcf
  • "It's been a month. The bald spot in my crown is slowly filling in. Yippee !!! I'm close to the one inch. My growth is so dense that I have to comb thru otherwise my nape will start to dread." (okange76) 4/15 lhcf
  • "I have noticed that since I started using the oil, I kinda of have 2 textures, my new hair is thicker that my old." (g.lo) 4/16 lhcf
  • "I've had a bad reaction to sulfur in the past but I've used the oil for 3 days with no issues whatsoever. It's great and I'm doing my happy dance! Thanks NJoy!" ~ cynd
  •  "I cowashed my hair today. Moisturized and sealed then twisted. I put the growth oil on the parts. I can hardly smell the sulphur! I love that. When I used another sulphur product my friends confronted me and said that the smell of my hair is getting unbearable..embarrassing." ~ QueenBrittny
  • "I luv the consistency. It feels smooth and moisturizing. I've used other growth oils before and it felt more thin and not as dried my hair out so I had to stay in top of my moisture. The smell isn't bad at all. Smells sorta like lemons and peppermint to me with a hint of sulphur. I'm happy and so is my hair." ~ aprilj


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