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Woo!! I almost died! If you wear braids or are even thinking about it, get in here!

~ NJoy on 10th Jun 2022

Let me tell you what happened to me.

Everyone knows that I've been really busy lately and I decided to get my hair braided so that I won't have to fuss with my hair during this time.

Chile, I had the cutest style with color added for a fresh look. Check me out.

You could not tell me nuthin!!

(Actually, I'm trying to sneak up on red but really don't want to color my own hair. But anyway...)

So, on Wednesday night, I had another girl redo my hair. I like the look that the first girl did but, she ripped through my hair like it was her fulltime job. (No no no no noooo!)

So, with this new girl, I mentioned the girl ripping through my hair and that I don't want the braids done too tight. (Chile, you better say something up front)

We all know braids are a good protective style IF they are not put in too tight.

So the way that she did these was to braid my hair into individual braids and crochet more hair to cover. (I'm new to added hair so, this might be basic knowledge to you.)

Some of the braids seemed a little tight and I gave the ol pullback, "uhn uhn" to let her know. She eased up. So the individual braids were no problem. But, bay baaaaay! Woo! When she started adding that hair, I was about to fight. I'd do the same pullback, "uhn uhn" and she'd say "ooo. sorry" but kept on going.

It was around this time that I noticed a headache sneaking up on me. And by the time she was done, my whole scalp was going crazy. It was clear that this style was tooooo tight!

I paid her $200 for the torture and let her go home. It was late so, I thought I could sleep off the pain. Nah. I tossed and turned all night and even felt feverish.

When I woke up, I could not lift my head. I was in so much pain. My equilibrium was off. I kept trying to sit up but could not.

For the record, I don't get sick so, I didn't think I was sick. And my pain tolerance level is lowwwwww. I can't handle it. This was from these tight behind braids. And all that kept coming to my mind was "injured follicles".

If you've been through the 90-day Super Hair Growth Challenge, you know that we talked about how too much tension injures follicles and can lead to hair loss (traction alopecia).

"Injured follicles" reminded me that RejuvenX calms pain, swelling, and injury to the follicles.

Cool. But how was I going to get to RejuvenX if I couldn't even get out of bed? I had to. I thought I was going to die. No exageration.

Maybe I should take some pain reliever so that I could make it, I thought. But the pain reliever was alll the way downstairs. Oh no.

Long story short, with a lot of tiny steps and a lot of pain, I took the pain reliever and headed to the NJoy Essentials to grab a bottle of RejuvenX to heal any injury to my follicles.

I applied RejuvenX directly to my scalp, which is really easy when the hair is already sectioned, and will continue applying daily over the next week, just to make sure my follicles are good and also to get added hair growth.

I'm SO sorry. I've been talking about RejuvenX' ability to reverse thinning from dying follicles for those who are thinning because of aging more than the healing aspect for rescuing injured follicles.

So, let me say this loudly:

If you wear your hair in braids or are even thinking of getting them, you NEED RejuvenX in you stash.

And to help with that, I've taken $10 off the price of RejuvenX through Monday. Because today, I'm celebrating LIFE!!!

Grab yours today, and be a friend and let somebody else know!

Image of RejuvenX Max Formula Hair Regrowth Serum
RejuvenX Max Formula Hair Regrowth Serum
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This is me this morning, feeling great! I'm alive! Alive, I tell ya!