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Go Grow Bundle

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Product Description

Introducing the **Go Grow Bundle** – your ultimate solution for achieving the luxurious, healthy hair you've always dreamed of! This carefully curated bundle combines five powerhouse products from NJoy, each designed to target specific aspects of hair care and growth. Dive into the world of NJoy and discover how each product contributes to your hair's journey towards length, health, and vibrancy.

1. **NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil**:
- *Revolutionize Your Hair Growth*: NJoy's Hair Growth Oil stands out with its scientifically proven, all-natural formula.
- *Healthy Scalp, Happy Hair*: Nourishes the scalp, encouraging optimal health for maximum growth.
- *Thicker, Stronger Strands*: Accelerates growth rate, ensuring new growth is robust and full of life.

2. **NJoy’s Long & Healthy Prepoo & Moisture Seal**:
- *Ultimate Length Retention*: This multi-use oil blend strengthens hair from within, sealing in moisture for maximum length retention.
- *Versatile & Protective*: Use as a pre-poo to shield hair during shampooing, as a hot oil treatment for vitality, or as a daily moisture sealant.

3. **NJoy’s Platinum Detoxifying Cowash**:
- *Time-Saving Cleanser*: A one-step solution to cleanse and condition, saving time and enhancing hair texture.
- *Detoxify Without Stripping*: Utilizes activated charcoal to remove build-up while preserving natural oils.
- *Co-Washing Redefined*: Perfect for removing everyday build-up without adding extra layers.

4. **NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Pomade**:
- *Fast-Track Hair Growth*: Specially formulated for accelerated, thicker hair growth without the oily residue.
- *Scalp Health & Follicle Awakening*: Targets scalp health and revitalizes dormant follicles for fuller hair.
- *Diverse Sizes & Natural Ingredients*: Available in various sizes, packed with nourishing natural oils.

5. **Long & Healthy Essentials Hair Vitamins**:
- *Revolutionary Growth Vitamins*: Time-released formula for continuous nourishment, promoting robust hair growth.
- *Biotin without Breakouts*: Offers effective biotin levels for hair growth without the common side effect of skin breakouts.
- *Holistic Hair Nourishment*: A blend of essential vitamins and herbs, free from artificial colors and preservatives.

Embrace the **Go Grow Bundle** for a comprehensive, effective, and friendly approach to hair care.

Transform your hair journey with NJoy's expertly crafted products – because your hair deserves nothing but the best! ??‍♀️✨


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    Love it!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jun 2017

    I hardly ever do reviews but I had write one for this starter kit. I had previously used the oil by itself but I was not using it as I should so I didn't see results until I started using it regularly. But now on to the starter kit I haven't been using them long but I love the hair growth oil and the moisture seal oil. I'm not really sure how the detox is supposed to work and I have not use the pomade yet but it smells delicious.