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Kukua Beard & Hair Growth Oil

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Product Description

Are you suffering from balding?

Starting to notice thinning hair or a receding hairline? 

Need help with a slow-growing, patchy beard?

Need more inches in your dreads?

    We have the solution.

The hair on your head and face is one of the most defining features you have. We're not going to sugar-coat it: a man's hair is a huge part of his identity. So what happens when your hair starts falling out? How do you feel with a sparse, struggling beard? Are those starter dreads taking forever?

For men who struggle with slow or patchy beard growth, or thinning hair, or want more length, it's time to try Kukua Beard & Hair Growth Oil.

This powerful scientifically-proven formula is clinically studied and proven to:

hyper-activate the follicles for strong, healthy hair and beard growth,

block the production of DHT (the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness),

re-activate and revitalize non-productive follicles,

Rescue and strengthen shrinking and dying follicles and,

Nourish and restore the health of the skin and scalp. 


Our proprietary blend of high-potency, all-natural ingredients works hard to help quickly produce fuller, thicker, stronger, healthier beard and hair growth that you can be proud of. And, Kukua Beard & Hair Growth Oil works on all hair types. 

 So what are you waiting for?

Start getting the results you want by ordering now!


Directions for use:

Use dropper to apply serum directly onto scalp or beard area. Massage onto the area, focusing on thin, weak, and/or balding areas for 3-4 minutes. Allow treatment to remain for at least 30-60 minutes before washing. For better penetration of serum, apply plastic cap or plastic wrap over treated area(s).  Treatment does not have to be washed out and may be left on overnight, if desired. Apply at least 3 times per week.