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Micro-needling Regrowth Booster

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Product Description

Boost Your Results!!

  • Reactivates scalp's natural regeneration process.

  • Stimulates protein production and triggers stem cells within the follicles to produce new hair growth.

  • Increases scalp circulation, driving nutrients directly to the hair follicles.

  • Boosts the absorption and effectiveness of topical hair growth serums to over 500%!

  • Safe and painless. (Don't worry. There's no bleeding)

Our RejuvenX Micro-needling Regrowth Booster is scientifically proven and designed for professional home use for hair loss control and regrowth by triggering the body's wound healing response which boosts protein production and triggers stem cells within the hair follicles. This produces increased hair growth!

Scientific studies surrounding hair loss and micro-needling shows that 1.5 mm needles are the most effective in treating hair loss. This has to do with penetration depth as the hair follicles sit within the dermis between 1-2 mm deep, making this depth of penetration an optimal requirement.


  • Receding Hairlines
  • Bald Spots
  • Breaking or Lost Edges
  • Thinning and Balding Hair
  • Temporary Hair Loss 

Material: 540 Grade A Titanium Needles

Needle Length: 1.5 mm

Directions for Use: 

Sterilize roller in alcohol solution before and after each use.

Use on clean, damp or dry scalp.

Part and hold down the hair to allow unimpeded access for the needles.

Work in sections to ensure you cover all areas.

Apply pressure. Roll back and forth over each area of concern 4-5 times, switching directions to ensure maximum stimulation.

Apply scalp serum after use, if desired.

For best results, use every 2-3 days for regrowth and replace after every 14 uses to prevent dull needles.

Do not use on open wounds or irritated skin.


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    IT WORKS!!! and it doesn't hurt like I thought. lmao!!

    Posted by Ziva on 13th Apr 2021

    Ok I wasn't sure how I'd like this because I don't like the idea of needles but, I followed NJoy's recommendation and YESSS!!! It seems like nothing ever works for me like it does for everyone else so I'm floored. This microneedle booster and RejuvenX brought my edges back in less than a week. LESS THAN A WEEK! Ok. I'm a customer for life

  • 5

    Posted by Michelle on 13th Apr 2021

    Thank you NJoy! My edges are growing nicely. God bless. Be careful with the combs and tight hairdo’s ladies. #savetheedges