10 Keys to Consistent Hair Growth

10 Keys to Consistent Hair Growth

11th Jul 2016

Since 2010, I've been able to grow my hair from shoulder length to hip length. This is my 3rd journey to hip.  I transitioned while at hip length, big chopped and have since, grown my natural hair back to my hips and as you know, I big chopped AGAIN!!! 

I'm often asked about how to get consistent hair growth. I've answered that question a million times and thought I'd share openly. So, here's an abbreviated list of what I've come up with.

The 10 keys to getting consistent growth are:

  1. 1.  Find a regimen that makes sense for your hair (type, structure, density, state, etc)
  2. 2.  I've used NJoy's Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil (be consistent and track progress)
  3. 3.  Keep your scalp healthy and happy (natural oils and water-soluble products only)
  4. 4.  Protect your ends from splits and breakage (use ceramides, silk amino acids, henna and protein, as required for strength. Trim as needed. Keep ends moisturized)
  5. 5.  Make sure there are no medical or emotional barriers to growth (low iron, low vitamin D, stress, hormonal imbalance or other medical conditions)
  6. 6Long & Healthy Super Hair Growth Vitamins! Supplement your diet with the vitamins and minerals needed for strong hair growth (hair and nails receive nutrients from our already deficient US diets last. Supplement!)
  7. 7.  Drink plenty of water (1/2 body weight in ounces a day. Example: 150 pound person = 75 ounces per day)
  8. 8.  Stay consistent! (quit jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon)
  9. 9.  Encourage good blood flow (exercise, scalp massages, stimulators, etc)
  10. 10.Relax and expect growth. Stay positive and close yourself off to the naysayers. You can do this.

How many of these are you doing? Do you have tips that should be added to this list? Let us know and let's get growing!