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25 Hair Growth Affirmations to Help Your Hair Grow Long and Strong

8th Jul 2022

Looking to program your mind for hair growth?  Here are 25 hair growth affirmations that can get you started. Use a few of these or create your own. When creating your own, stay positive and in the now. Do NOT use any negative words, even if it sounds positive. For instance, do not say "My hair is no longer falling out" because those words will make your mind think of how your hair is falling out. Instead, say something like "My follicles are healthy and my hair is strong". 

  1. My hair is healthy
  2. My hair is growing
  3. My hair grows fast
  4. My hair grows super fast
  5. My hair follilcles are healthy and strong
  6. I always take perfect care of my scalp
  7. My scalp is healthy
  8. My hair is so beautiful
  9. I think positively to send good energy to my head and scalp
  10. I am in full control of my hair growth
  11. My hair is growing longer each day
  12. My hair is longer today than yesterday
  13. My hair feels longer today
  14. My hair is strong and healthy
  15. My hair is full, alive, and abundant
  16. I have amazing hair
  17. I have naturally healthy hair
  18. I can regrow my hair easily
  19. My hair is returning naturally
  20. My scalp is in perfect health
  21. Nutrition and blood are always flowing to my scalp
  22. I have long, healthy, fast-growing hair
  23. Others admire my long, beautiful, healthy hair
  24. My hair is naturally strong and healthy
  25. Taking great care of my hair is something that comes easily to me

Did you come up with some great affirmations for hair growth? Share with us here.