​90-day Super Hair Growth Challenge Guidelines

​90-day Super Hair Growth Challenge Guidelines

11th Jul 2016

In growing for this Challenge, there are Five (5) focus areas that will be addressed:

  1. The mind (our thinking)
  2. The body (overall health)
  3. The scalp
  4. The strands, or length of the hair, and
  5. The ends

Each section will be discussed individually throughout the Challenge and action items will be assigned so that we can most benefit from the information shared. Additionally, we have some basic commitments that are suggested for this Challenge. I say suggested because each person is different and may or may not benefit from the activities suggested. So, please track your activities in your online hair journal and take notice of what works for you and what does not. Obviously, if something does not work for you, exclude it from your regimen.

There are also components that will be based on your personal preference or convenience, such as wash routine. Some may prefer to wash with shampoo, cowash or incorporate a system such as the maximum hydration method. Some, due to hairstyle choices may choose to differentiate on a wash schedule. Again, choose what works best for YOUR situation. But, remember to document how your hair reacts. You may find that you need to override your convenience with a routine that is healthier and produces better results for our hair. Again, that's something that you will ultimately determine for yourself.

Generally, we will commit to the following activities:

  • Daily online hair journal entries via, noting activities and results/thoughts.
  • Daily Facebook Group Check-ins for accountability and to stay on track.
  • Assess your ends and trim ONLY AS NEEDED.
  • Determine and stick to a basic wash schedule that works for your hair (Weekly is suggested) 
  • If co-washing (using conditioner to cleanse without stripping your natural oils) or using a sulfate-free shampoo, you must detox or clarify with shampoo every 3-4 weeks to remove product build up.
  • Every cleanse with shampoo MUST be followed with deep conditioning.
  • If washing with a regular shampoo (non sulfate-free), you MUSt pre-poo before each wash.
  • Consistent growth oil or growth pomade application (every 1-2 days with oil or twice weekly with pomade)
  • Daily scalp massages for at least 4-5 minutes to jump start increased blood circulation.
  • Take Long & Healthy Essentials vitamins daily.
  • Drink adequate amount of water for your weight.
  • Proper moisturizing a sealing (LOC or LCO. Whichever works best for you)
  • Regular protective styling

Remember, the online hair journal is designed to keep you consistent in your healthy hair growth regimen so that you are not only able to document your activities but, also to assess what works for your hair as you analyze and see your hair continually progressing towards your hair goals. Daily updates, including water goals, is suggested and required for any giveaway participation.

Daily Check-ins are prompted in our private Facebook Group. Check in to let us know how you are doing and share any experiences. If you have questions or simply want to share, feel free to start a separate post for higher visibility. The more participation we get, the more beneficial the group will be during our healthy hair growth journey. Be supportive and be an inspiration to others.

The activities listed will be further explained in individual posts with to-do prompts so, please like the posts when you see them so that you will continue to see our FB group posts (the way Facebook is set up, being a part of the group doesn't automatically mean you'll see the posts unless you interact with the group) and turn on notifications at the top left section of the page in the group

In support of your growth and following the guidelines, there will also be video tutorials and articles shared by experts in the following topics: 

1. The science of hair growth and how to maximize strong, healthy results.
2. Growing hair in weaves & other protective styles
3. Natural Hair Care & Styling
4. Healthy Relaxed Hair Growth
5. The Art of Successful Transitioning
6. Growing in Braids
7. Hair Typing

So, as you can see, this 90-day Super Hair Growth Challenge is designed to help maximize your hair growth whether you are natural, transitioning or relaxed. Each can grow with specific care that will be shared for each. And each hair type is supported, as long as you're growing human hair. *smile*. 

This is an active, ongoing and interactive Challenge so, topics and materials are subject to change as needed greatly depending on your participation.

Ok? Now let's grow some hair! ~ NJoy