How To Increase The Growth Rate of Your Hair

How To Increase The Growth Rate of Your Hair

1st Aug 2016

Okay! It's time to speed things up around here. 

And by that, I mean your hair's growth rate as well as moving along the challenge. We've just crossed over our first 30 days. We've aligned our thinking with our growth goals and are visualizing those goals. Now it's time to take action!

"Faith without works is dead" ~ James 2:17

Now we're getting down to the nitty gritty of what to do to increase human hair growth rate.  If needed, take a moment to review previously posted, Understanding Hair Growth Basics 101.

Ok! Let's Do It

This Week's Directives (Let's Do It!)

Stimulating Growth

As discussed, capillaries, or tiny blood vessels, nourish hair follicles by bringing nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to the lower layers of epidermal cells. This is the fuel that gets the follicles to do what they do -- grow hair. In this challenge, we will use the following methods to increase blood flow to the scalp:

Scalp massage

Not only does massaging the scalp increase blood flow to the scalp but, it also helps to relieve stress, which causes hair fall or hair stalls. To massage NJoy's Hair Growth Oil for optimal growth, apply the hair growth oil a section at a time and massage onto your scalp. Start from the base of the neck by applying gentle pressure with your finger in a circular motion. Work your way slowly up to the hairline. Repeat this process a couple of times, slowly increasing the pressure on the scalp. Use the palms of the hand to gently massage the entire scalp, back of the head and the temple. By interlacing the fingers of your hand across your head, the heel of your palms can be used to move the entire scalp back and forth and side to side. You can also reach with all your fingers into your hair and gently pull on it and release. Squeeze and release several time, remembering no to pull too hard. At the end of the massage, tap your fingers through the hair.

Stimulating herbs and oils

NJoy's Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil is formulated with several ingredients known for stimulating blood flow and increasing hair growth. Again, the more you stimulate blood flow, the more your follicles are stimulated to grow hair. The following increases growth by helping reactivate dormant hair follicles, moving them from the dormant phase into the growth phase and increases blood circulation to the scalp:

• Bhringraj (eclipta alba)
• Capsicum
• Rosemary
• Sage
• Ginger
• Peppermint oil
• Castor oil

All of these ingredients are found in NJoy's Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil and, coupled with its massage application, strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Massage the hair growth oil onto your scalp daily, or at least every other day for at least 5 minutes. If you apply the oil every other day, still make sure that you get in a daily scalp massage.


You may have heard of the Inversion Method for hair growth. I can't say that I've ever really used this method but, it does make sense. You can direct blood flow to your scalp if you lower your head by bending forward or lying with your head below your heart level. You will find that there are a few yoga poses that can help with inversion. With the Inversion Method, make sure that you brace yourself, as you may become dizzy in inverted positions. Initially, you may want to invert for a shorter period, return to upright position, breathe and then repeat for a 4-5 minute duration. You can invert while massaging your Hair Growth Oil onto your scalp. It's said that inversion should only be used for one week out of each month for results.

How to apply NJoy's Hair Growth Oil and explanation of the "tingles"

Stimulating growth is a daily requirement of the Supercharge Your Hair Growth Series.

Remember, it's important to actively participate in this challenge by doing the work needed to get that maximum growth. Let's go hard with doing all that we can do to promote healthy hair growth and to increase our normal growth rate. Track your progress by periodically updating your "current picture" in your online hair journal at

I'd like to see more open participation. I'm still getting a lot of behind-the-scenes communication and not enough chatter in our Facebook Discussion Forum. Don't be shy. This is the time to make bold declarations and to take bold action to reach your hair goals for this Challenge. The Discussion Board is not just for receiving information and liking pictures but, sharing progress, asking questions and otherwise interacting with your fellow 90-day Super Hair Growth Challengers. For those that are participating, keep up the good work. I'm also searching journals and keeping an eye on the progress that you are making and the comments you are making on your growth. I'm excited to see that most of you seem to be making daily entries. Trust me. You will see the benefits of documenting your journey and it will motivate you.

So, keep up the great work and Let's Grow Some Hair! ~ NJoy