The Secret to Crazy Length Retention

8th Jun 2021

Want to know the secret to transforming your hair and stepping up your length retention game? Ceramides.

Ceramides are one of 3 naturally occurring lipids, aka fatty material, found in the hair’s cuticle. Not to be confused with Sebum which is found on the surface of the cuticle, ceramide's function in the cuticle is to act as a binder to keep the cuticle layer in place. 

So why are they important in hair care?

Well as we know the cuticle is the hair strand’s defense layer which is why you hear about cold water or acv rinses to close the cuticles after a wash.

Closed cuticles give your hair that shine/sheen that practically screams ‘healthy hair’ hence closing the door to potential damage that may threaten the vulnerable cortex inside.

The cuticle layer is also the thinnest layer of our hair and can be damaged or removed by just vigorous combing or shampooing. With the cuticle layer gone, the cortex is exposed and breakage is inevitable.

Along comes ceramides to save the day! Ceramides create a protective barrier around the hair to hold in moisture and protein while also guarding the hair from chemical damage, heat damage and UV rays, effectively repairing the cuticle layer.

Now we all know the trilogy of healthy hair is moisture, elasticity and strength. Ceramides fit quite snugly into the strength category. They are not proteins but studies show that hair which has been treated with ceramide containing conditioners showed an increase in tensile strength which is fabulous news for the protein sensitive among us. Ceramides bind to the protein strands and provides strength while maintaining elasticity. Sort of acting like protein without making the hair rigid. Basically, ceramides give all the benefits of protein treatments without any of the downsides!

Here's a list of natural oils containing ceramides:

Wheat Germ Oil 

Safflower Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Sesame Seed Oil

Walnut Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Peanut Oil

These natural oils are not listed in order of the amounts of ceramides contained within each. There are wildly conflicting values listed across the internet so knowing which is accurate is difficult. But each does contain some.

The Secret to Unlocking the FULL Benefits of Ceramides for Hair That is Strong and Healthy From Root To Tip

Super rich in ceramides, NJoy's Long & Healthy Pre-Poo & Moisture Seal is specially formulated to transform dry, weak and lifeless hair into strong, healthy, beautiful hair. 

Multi-use. Multi-benefits. One formula.

  • Protects the hair's natural oils from the harsh stripping process of shampoo
  • Penetrates the strand to rescue and nourish the inside
  • Strengthens and repairs without adding protein
  • Defends hair against breakage and split ends
  • Dramatically locks in moisture
  • Smooths and conditions the cuticle layer
  • Eliminates frizz and tangles
  • Restores elasticity to the hair
  • promotes healthy shine or sheen.

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