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Why I'll Never Go Back to that Scissor-Happy Salon Again (Part 1)

27th Feb 2023

I'm pretty sure I shared some of my story with the 90-day Super Hair Growth Challenge members and promised to give all the tea once I calmed down. But, first, let me give a quick rewind for those who had not heard me whining about my experience.

Let me start with this. Most know that I've big chopped my hair and grew it back to hip length multiple times.I've done it to grow alongside and show how to properly use NJoy products to grow hair quickly. I've done it to show that aging does not preclude you from having the hair that you want. And, I've done it to be a support and encourager to help us all to reach for and reach our healthy hair goals. So, why am I whining, right? Let me spill this tea.

I've been resisting openly discussing it because I was upset and, at the same time, didn't want to expose the salon and the stylist while I was in my feelings. I believe that you get back what you put out so, I try to only share positive things. So, I'm conflicted with my responsibility to protect any poor, unsuspecting ladies, like myself, who was pulled in to trying this Atlanta shop based on the website's reviews and social media videos.

That said, I'm not going to name the salon, but I will name the stylist. Well, she goes by "Q". Let me tell you what happened.

So, my hair was hip length and I had been keeping it in twists that I'd pull up into a bun. I might let those twists sit for up to a week because I'd been so busy lately. Here's a pic with one of my twists stretched down before I took my hair loose to prep for my salon visit.

I was headed out of town and thought I'd find a natural hair salon that could do a silk press and a trim.

So, I took my hair loose, washed, conditioned, detangled, and put into 4 loose braids to make it easier for the stylist.

Keep in mind that I'd been asking for recommendations and scouring social media to find a suitable salon. I'd moved to Atlanta less than a year so, I didn't know anywhere but was sure that Atlanta would have great options.