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‚Äč90-day Super Hair Growth Challenge Guidelines

In growing for this Challenge, there are Five (5) focus areas that will be addressed:The mind (our thinking)The body (overall health)The scalpThe strands, or length of the hair, andThe endsEach section will be discussed individually throughout the Challenge and action items will be assigned so that we can most benefit from the information shared. Additionally, [...]

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How to properly apply NJoy's Long & Healthy Hair Growth oil for maximum growth

Consistency is key! For maximum growth in this challenge, it is important to remember to apply NJoy's Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil daily, or at minimum, every other day. Please note, even if the oil is applied every other day, the scalp should be massaged daily. Massaging the scalp on the days the oil [...]

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Understanding Hair Growth Basics

This article will provide you with a necessary understanding of the fundamentals of the structure of hair and will be the basis for much of what will be discussed in this series. I know you're tempted to skip this topic but, I think it's well worth the read. Having this understanding will help you to [...]

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